Steel Retailer


With the additional storage space from the expansion, we now house an extensive inventory! Some types of materials we keep in stock are cold-finished carbon bars, alloy metals, hot roll bar, tubing/pipe, reinforcing rod, mesh, carbon sheet, structural & bar shapes, tool steel, strapping, drill rod, key stock, expanded metal, grating, aluminum & stainless bar, sheet & plate, and some specialty materials. Don’t see what you want in that list? Call today! We can order in material for you and get it within a few days. Our materials are available for purchase in bulk or they may be cut to your certain specifications in order to fit your needs.

Our cutting methods include shearing, saw cutting, plasma cutting, and processing. Our shear has two different saws; the Hydmech, which can cut up to a 16” x 18” x any length material, and the Grizzly, which can cut up to a 4” x 12” x any length material. Custom Cutters also has delivery trucks that will travel statewide to deliver our customers’ orders. Check out our Facebook page for recent projects we’ve been doing