Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Metal Sales

We are a Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Metal Retailer!

If you need it, we can get it! Whether it is a specialty product or something more commonly used, Custom Cutters can help with your material needs. We now house an extensive inventory in our 9600 sq. ft. facility. Currently stocking common sizes of steel, stainless, and aluminum. The types of materials we keep in stock are cold-finished carbon bars, alloy metals, hot roll bar, tubing/pipe, reinforcing rod, mesh, carbon sheet, structural & bar shapes, tool steel, strapping, drill rod, key stock, expanded metal, grating, aluminum & stainless bar, sheet & plate, and some specialty materials.


We  also have a vast supply of drops, cutoffs, and miscellaneous small remnants. These odds and ends pieces can be purchased by weight. So if you need a small odd piece, we should be able to find something that will work for your project. These pieces can be purchased at a reduced cost when compared to new full size stock.

Don’t see what you want in that list? Call (740) 392-1383 or email us today! We can order in material for you and get it within a few days. Our materials are available for purchase in bulk or they may be cut to your certain specifications in order to fit your needs.This allows us to not only provide services to our customers, but also the materials they need.

Certain materials such as AR wear plate, 4140 alloy, Inconel, coppers, UHMW, and aluminums can easily be cut with waterjet cutting to avoid heat distortion. Other materials we stock or can readily have are metal bar, angle, channel, beams, tubing and pipe, flooring materials, plastics, diamond plate, expanded metal, rubbers, and foam

We have the metal you need for all of your projects! Let us help you obtain the materials you want from our inventory.