Custom Cutters Professional Powder Coating

With spring time right around the corner, many people are breaking out their outdoor furniture. Does your table and chairs need an update? Come into Custom Cutters and check out our 6,000 colors and textures! Or you can go online check out all the powder coating colors!

Powder coating creates a hard, durable surface that prohibits rust and corrosion of materials exposed to the elements and is UV resistant. One of the most important steps in the powder coating process is material preparation. Sandblasting with various media types and phosphate etching are offered to our customers in-house as ways to correctly prep their materials before they are coated.

With powder coating as the finishing process, there are no runs, drips, or sags in the coating. After being powdercoated we stick them in our ovens, sizes 9’x14’x20’ and 10’x16’x34’, are they versatile enough to accommodate parts ranging from small brackets to entire vehicle frames.