Custom WaterJet Cutting

We offer state of the art Custom Water Jet Cutting services!

Custom Cutters has over 40 years of total experience in the ultra-high-pressure waterjet industry. Our machines are CNC (CAD) controlled for precise replication and can handle material up to 8’x12’. There are no issues with heat distoration when compared to other cutting methods. Waterjet cutting technology allows you to cut ANY MATERIAL, except tempered glass, up to 8” thick.

Typical part tolerances range from 0.003-0.005” of an inch; although a tolerance as close as 0.001” can be achieved as well.

We realize that your business depends on versatile manufacturing methods and getting the most bang for your buck. Since it is a cold-cutting process, there is no need to worry about heat distortion or mechanical stress, and it gives you a higher-quality edge that saves you time and money by eliminating secondary machining. The waterjets’ ability to cut close part tolerance, or even common line cutting, enables us to maximize material utilization saving you money on raw materials and giving you less waste. Since there are no vapors or hazardous materials produced during this cutting process, high-pressured water cutting is considered the fastest growing GREEN technology in the world!

We are certain the versatility of our abrasive waterjet cutting will take you and your company to new levels of productivity!