Custom Powder Coating

Powder Coated Sign

We provide Custom Powder Coating solutions!

Custom Cutters Powder Coating process is proud to offer over 6,000 colors and textures for our customers to choose from. Our ovens, sizes 8’Hx10’Wx20’L and 8’Hx11’Wx31’L, are versatile enough to accommodate parts ranging from small brackets to entire vehicle frames.

Powder coating creates a hard, durable surface that prohibits rust and corrosion of materials exposed to the elements and is UV resistant. One of the most important steps in the powder coating process is material preparation. Sandblasting with various media types and phosphate etching are offered to our customers in-house as ways to correctly prep their materials before they are coated. With powder coating as the finishing process, there are no runs, drips, or sags in the coating.

Since no drying time is required, a powder coating production line can move more efficiently than a standard paint line, saving our customers time and money. Compared to a paint line, powder coating is more environmentally safe and virtually eliminates VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This reduces our carbon footprint and alleviates much of the housekeeping for our employees since dry powder does not emit fumes or contaminate clothing. Significant breakthroughs in powder coating technology have allowed this process to continue to meet the diverse demands of today’s world as a superior finish.

Color selection is virtually unlimited and offers endless opportunities for decorative and artistic minds! We now offer Cerakote firearms coatings as well!

Custom Textured Powder Coating
Click to see some of the colors available to our customers.

We are certain the versatility of our Custom Powder Coating will take you and your company to new levels of productivity!